September Photo Challenge: Road Trip

Here it is the end of September and once again it’s time for PJ’s photo challenge. This month’s prompt was Road Trip. And, I went exactly one place this month outside of my normal routine so the decision was easy.

A high school friend of Entrepreneur from California took a “road trip” to Missouri (by plane) and stayed with us for a weekend. C and his wife came halfway across the country because it was Entrepreneur and C’s 47th high school reunion. We’re calling it the “Medicare reunion” because most everyone in the class is already or soon will be 65 years old. The urgency to have a reunion before their 50th  one was motivated by losing a classmate this summer to a heart aneurysm. No one is getting any younger, you know.

The get together was held in a town about 40 minutes away in the middle of nowhere so I’m counting it as a road trip.

Road Trip 1
The venue was a lovely outdoor area called Wasserlauf  Valley and owned by another classmate. It’s primarily used for weddings, but reunions and other events are also held there.

Road Trip 2
Entrepreneur and C (still best friends) are the classmates. B and I are the outliers.

Road Trip 3
Out of 75 seniors, there was some question about how many actually graduated. The final count was 68. Twenty nine came to the reunion. Five no longer with them were remembered with a memorial table.

Road Trip 4
The reunion was held on the same day as Entrepreneur’s 65th birthday. So, of course, a cake needed to be part of the festivities.

Road Trip 5
Wasserlauf Valley is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon or evening. The pond at dusk gifted me with lovely sunset colors.

That was my road trip for September. Please visit PJ’s place on October 1st to see the travels of other people who participate in this photo challenge. Maybe you could join us?! Post five photos that fit the prompt…no commentary needed. That’s it! What could be easier?

And speaking of road trips, let’s all keep the utility crews and medical teams in our thoughts and prayers as they travel to Florida to help restore power and provide assistance to those devastated by Hurricane Ian.


8 thoughts on “September Photo Challenge: Road Trip

  1. Your husband and his classmates did a good thing to get the reunion organized rather sooner than later. Looks as they have been lucky to only have lost five friends so far, but still. how wonderful to hold the event at a venue owned by one of the guys, and a beautiful one, too. Love the pond!
    Happy birthday to your hubby!

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  2. Lovely venue indeed, Lisa! And what a super great selection of photos. You all look so happy to be together!

    That capture of the pond is glorious! Love the light!

    Happy Belated Birthday to Entrepreneur! He looks GREAT!

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  3. Hmmm, not quite 50 years reunion is a great idea. And what an ideal setting, with so much fresh air circulating. That pond photo is stunning, with the colourful autumn leaves all along the shore. Thanks for sharing, and for the reminder to keep the utility and other recovery crews working in the aftermath of Ian and Fiona in our thoughts and prayers.

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  4. Any road trip is a good trip, as fast as I’m concerned! And very cool on the reunion. Unfortunately, my class was not close and any attempts at reunions have not been attended well. I went to one, but none since. Our class wasn’t close, and honestly the few people from my class I want to see or talk to, I already do. Outside of that… no interest. I always enjoy seeing those who have it differently!

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